See 3 Common Mistakes When Selling Data Backup And Restore

Backing up and restoring data is undoubtedly one of the most important actions in a managed IT service provider’s day-to-day life. After all, the task ensures up-to-date copies of customer files and helps ensure information security.


Backing up and restoring data is undoubtedly one of the most important actions in a managed IT service provider’s day-to-day life. After all, the task ensures up-to-date copies of customer files and helps ensure information security. 

But, there are 3 mistakes that harm your results when selling data backup and restoration.

So, if you are an MSP and want to find out how to avoid these problems, read on and find out more!

Why Backup and Restore Data?

Before revealing what mistakes you might be making, let’s remind you of the importance of backing up and restoring customer data.

In fact, the service is essential to prevent disasters and data loss.

For starters, when we talk about backup we are referring to the work of performing a copy to prevent possible failures from compromising the information of a business.

This copy can be of images, documents, databases, or any other file that is indispensable for the companies you serve.

Therefore, it is essential to take the action and ensure that the information of the contractors is always protected.

In the same way, the development of the task is important for the routine of your customers, as it ensures that they have the data available and the possibility of easily retrieving it in case of eventual problems.

On our blog, we recently published a text that reveals the best backup practices for MSPs. 

However, it is worth mentioning that the benefits of backup are seen in practice when the MSP knows how to use the chosen solution properly and understands that some errors must be avoided, as you will see below. 

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Data Backup and Restore

Now that we have revealed the importance of the service, we are going to show you some mistakes that cannot be part of your daily life as an MSP. See the main ones:

1 – Consider only the volume of data and not the complete infrastructure

For starters, among the mistakes when selling data backup and restoration, is the fact of disregarding the client’s infrastructure and focusing only on the volume of data produced by it.

Therefore, when preparing a backup proposal, consider the complete operation and observe factors that can influence daily work.

For example, see if the customer has UPS and if the operating system is up to date or not. In fact, some companies still use old versions of operating systems and this can have a negative impact on their service and make it impossible to use the backup solution.

Also, make sure your computer and server are under warranty. Well, this is essential information to define the details of performing the backup and restoration of data.

2 – Not analyzing the backup scenario

If you don’t want to make a mistake with the backup, analyze each client’s scenario.

In other words, don’t just think about commercially, but also about what impact backup has on the company’s operation.

Thus, observe why the customer needs to protect the data, if they already make a copy of the files, if they use local or cloud applications, etc.

Likewise, identify vulnerabilities, understand the needs, look at the RPO and RTO and make a proposal based on it all.  

3 – Disregard the operating cost

Finally, to have a successful backup, don’t make this mistake.

We know that many times, MSPs don’t stop to think about the operational cost of the proposal. But, it is essential to understand the price of the entire process and measure it.

For example, a solution that only allows you one backup job per day has a different cost than an option that allows 3 or more jobs daily, for example.

Likewise, offering 5-year archiving has a different operating cost than a 90-day archiving offer.

That is, within the offered proposal, there are scenarios that can influence the cost and, if the strategy is not well planned, you can be harmed by not realizing that this can vary from one client to another.

Eliminate bugs with the right solution

As you have seen throughout the text, some common mistakes when preparing your data backup and recovery proposal can compromise your managed IT services routine.

But with the tips that we have highlighted, it is possible to eliminate risks, optimize backup performance and succeed in the task.

However, it is only possible to have a competitive backup offer if you have a tool that allows you to meet as many scenarios as possible. This goes, from stations to servers, restoration, and office 365.

In addition, for you to be able to grow with the solution, we recommend choosing an option that does not depend on third parties and has a separate data center, such as N-able Backup, which has more than 30 data centers around the world, including Brazil.

The tool is the perfect option for those looking for more security for customer data. Because, it has true delta technology, agile recovery in a few minutes, secure storage from start to finish, and a series of features designed to facilitate and improve the day-to-day of IT service providers.

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